2022 International Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Engineering (MLKE2022)
Prof. Na Li

Prof. Na Li

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Prof. Na Li

Xidian University, China

Speech titleDesign of nano-optical Antenna for Solar Energy Collection


As a new solar energy collection method, Optical nano-rectifying antenna is no longer limited by semiconductor bandgap width and has wider absorption spectrum than traditional solar cell, it has important theoretical research significance and broad industrial application prospect. This report focuses on the optimization of the structure design of the nano-optical Antenna and the fabrication and testing of the sample, including:

(1) the structure of the fully polarized double-layer Orthogonal bow-tie rectifier antenna is designed and optimized based on the traditional metal nano-antenna. Based on the solution of the optical simulation software FDTD, the effect of the four key parameters, such as the distance of the bow-tie tip, the bow-tie angle, the thickness of the single-layer bow-tie and the dielectric, on the total radiation efficiency of the antenna is analyzed, the overall structure parameters of the antenna are determined;

(2) for the difficulty of fabrication of the traditional metal nano-antenna, a convenient and commercialized carbon nano-tube rectifying antenna is proposed, and the rectifying scheme of the carbon nano-tube antenna is proposed by theoretical simulation design, the rectifier parameters of the carbon nanotube antenna are determined.

(3) carbon nanotubes (CNTS) rectifiers designed by theoretical simulation were fabricated experimentally, and CNTS were fabricated by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) , the Atomic layer deposition and magnetron sputtering technology were used to fabricate the rectifier and the metal electrode, and the test platform of the carbon nanotube rectifier antenna was built.

Keywords: Solar Energy Collection, Nano Antenna, rectifiers, radiation efficiency, carbon nanotubes

Brief biography:

Li Na, a professor at the Xidian University, Doctoral supervisor. Member of key laboratory of electronic equipment structural design, Ministry of Education. Her main research direction is high precision electronic equipment error theory, new system antenna structure design and optimization. She has presided over a number of national-level scientific research projects: the national defense project, the astronomical joint fund of the NSFC, the National of NSFC, and youth fund of the NSFC, the Basic Research Program of Natural Science of Shaanxi province-young Talents Project. 

In 2020, she won the title of "Golden Mountain talented person" in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, and was 2021 selected into the high-level Innovative Entrepreneurship program in Jiangsu Province. She has published more than 30 Sci/Ei retrieval papers in Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Acta Astronautica, Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, applied for more than 40 national invention patents and granted 14 patents.